The insurance policy remains active for a year when you buy it. If there is something that will cause your policy’s coverage to stop in the same year in the middle of the policy term, then we say that the policy coverage is canceled. If you will get your coverage resumed later, then this process is called reinstatement.

Insurance coverage is canceled due to various reasons:

  • Non-payment of premiums: If you will not pay the insurance premiums after getting the policy, then your insurance provider will cancel the policy. Many insurers can give a chance to their customers to reinstate the policy.
  • Material change in risk: this means a key change to the house that is insured, one that will be big enough for the insurer for re-evaluating if they want or not, to continue coverage.
  • Too many claims: If you will make too many claims in a very short time period, then your insurer can cancel your coverage.

All candidates cannot be eligible for reinstatement. Many times, an insurer will give a new policy to you instead of resuming the old policy. When they will issue a new policy, then it will have different premiums to address the various problems that caused the previous policy to get canceled.

How does reinstatement work?

The Reinstatement generally occurs when a grace period will be ended and also when your contract will no longer be in force, leaving the beneficiaries without any payout if the insurer has passed away before policy reinstatement. The need for reinstatement can vary among different insurers. They do not offer any guarantee and also there is no guarantee by law for the terms of reinstatement. The process of reinstatement relies on how much time has passed since the policy lapse and the insurance policy type.

  • Reinstatement means that the terminated policy of a specific person can get resumed if the insured meets the exact reinstatement requirements.
  • Insurance companies can offer a grace period to you for late payments before your policy gets terminated.
  • The process of reinstatement will not be the same for every insurance policy.
  • Many insurers can permit the reinstatement, even the person who got the policy has completed its grace period.

Reinstatement cost estimate

Reinstatement Cost means the cost of reinstating the property at a certain time when the reinstatement will happen with regard to any increases in building prices in a sum that will involve the price of demolition, site clearance, ancillary expenses, shoring up, and architects, surveyors, other professional fees.

To get any specific Reinstatement Cost estimate or Assessment, it will involve a site visit for inspecting the property, take needed steps and site notes that contain detailed info about the type, quality of the accommodation, a calculation of the reinstatement cost estimate based on the info collected during the inspection, as well as the recording of this all details in a report by the customer in their insured sum.

The estimate is the price of rebuilding and it is done by assuming that the property is destroyed to a degree that it needs rebuilding or demolishing in its entirety.  This assumption mentioned will apply not only to the building, but it will apply to the building grounds, which also include boundary features and services on the grounds such as drainage.

There are a few factors that should be considered by the surveyor during their site visit, and these factors will affect, to a great or less extent on the assessment. The surveyor will assess the building age, its materials, and the different methods that had been used in its construction. They will point out whether there are any factors which have the capacity to affect the demolition as well as the rebuilding of your property, such as access to the site, erect scaffolding, and space to place materials.

The surveyor will also see and consider your building situation in relation to different adjacent premises and he will also see whether temporary protection is needed or not, for instance, for party walls. The surveyor also will consider whether there are any deleterious materials that have been used in the construction of the building that can increase the prices of demolition or site clearance.


Reinstating your property or business will permit you to regain the benefits of corporate status as well as limited liability protection. When you have reinstated your property or business, then you’ll get the peace of mind that you are now able to get new contracts. Some of the reinstatement benefits are given below as:

  • Gain complete coverage of the structure and content of your property.
  • Secure your property or business from any mishappening that can occur in the future.
  • Get insurance policy at low rates than other policies.
  • Reduce tension and stress level for you in case of your unforeseen situations.
  • Reinstatement permits families to go through various rebuilding procedures very fast, which aids them to move on as well as get back to their daily lives in a normal way.

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