Reinstatement contractor

Moving from your rental space whether to another rental space or to your final space. You may need to reinstate the rental space back to its initial state especially if there is a reinstatement clause in your lease agreement. You have to reinstate the properties fully to the owner’s satisfaction.

The main reason for reinstating your office is to get your full deposit back and for the owner to lease out the apartment to another renter conveniently. So to make this successful, you will need to work with multiply stakeholders to meet each of your contractual obligations without going against the building management regulations.

Since the building management may not always be your landlord. At times your landlord may have particular requirements that should be met while the building management may have another requirement. That’s why it is important to hire a reinstatement contractor Singapore who knows every detail, and can do the talk on your behalf with the parties concerned, and also in hand with both the selected nominated as well as sub-contractors that you would need for successful completion of the project.

Reinstatement contractor Singapore

As a renter, you will need reinstatement Singapore contractors that can help you to communicate to the landlord as well as building management and work with the nominated contractors as well as BMO. Reinstatement contractors Singapore serves as the project manager that arranges different parties together in order to successfully carry out the project. As a contractor, we understand that a good relationship among our clients is essential to know what your needs and to help reach your expectations.

What our reinstatement work entails

Normally, after some renovation has been done to an existing rental space to suit the renter’s need, it has become a responsibility for the renter to remove every modification and get rid of any fixtures and renovation valuables that was added to space. Mostly, the works usually include:

  • Getting rid of false ceilings and partition walls
  • Getting rid of any existing floor finish
  • Reinstating and relining ceiling boards to an acceptable form
  • Termination of PowerPoint and getting rid of trunking, wiring, data points, cables that was installed in the space
  • Demolishing and hacking of hollow walls and any other existing structure works that were installed
  • Getting rid of existing office cubicles, workstations, furniture, and the likes.
  • Moving and reinstalling the power points back to their original places
  • Disassembling and removing the air conditioner unit as well as the compressor and relocating ducting
  • Disassembling and getting rid of curtains, any internal doors, and blinds
  • Restoring the wall colors its original color.

Where we do reinstate:

  • Factory reinstatement
  • Commercial property reinstatement
  • Offices reinstatement
  • Warehouse reinstatement
  • Showroom reinstatement
  • Industrial property reinstatement
  • Retail shop reinstatement

Why choose reinstatement contractor Singapore?

We will ensure that the end result of our reinstatement will be to your total satisfaction and stay within budget

We will assure you that your office reinstatement will be restored with the exact material as those there before renovation.

We will ensure your office reinstatement will be done within the agreed time range and headache-free