Reinstatement Work

As it is stated in every commercial lease agreement that a renter must reinstate the space back to its original state before handing over space to the owner, it is the contractual obligation of the renter to do so, however, failure to do so can make the owner remove the reinstatement amount from your deposit or proceed towards taking legal action to collect back reinstatement work fee from the renter.

Because the owner needs to lease out space to the next tenant, and also want every space within the building to be restored into their original condition, the reinstatement work can be quite boring, hectic, and even a pressurizing task, but it has to be done.

How reinstatement works

Since every business always has its own unique ways of setting things up in terms of electrical component, partitioning, furniture, and others. However, that’s why reinstatement work is important because most business after renting the space, they tend to modify the entire space to their own taste.

Furthermore, here is the list of some standard components that should be restored to its normal condition.

  • Removing every data and electrical component; this involves termination to the junction boxes or DB – distribution board and the removal of every PowerPoint, lighting points, telephone points, data points, cables, and the likes.
  • Removing every newly installed plumbing component; as for any new plumbing work done during the tenant occupancy, every pipe and other plumbing components must be removed and all the existing piping and component should be fully restored to its proper working condition.
  • Removing of newly installed fire safety components; any smoke and sprinkles detectors that were installed during the tenant stay should be removed and all existing fire safety components must be restored to its original position.
  • Removing every furniture item; this includes removal of all office systems, built-in furniture, and loose items like couches, chairs, and the likes.
  • Removing every false ceiling and partitions; for operation reasons, every business has its ways of setting workspace. Meaning all modifications during occupancy must be get rid of and restored to its normal conditions.
  • Demolishing every newly masonry works; every brick or concrete walls, wall ties, floors tiles, and the likes, done during the tenant stay must be removed or hacked away. And every damaged area during demolishing must be well patched-up and leave in a good condition.
  • Removing every newly installed window, doors, blinds, and curtains; any door frames, doors, windows and other furnishings like blinds and curtains should be removed including any visible mounting screws and brackets. Because of this, every structural damage must to patched-up well to leave it in a good condition.

Repainting every wall ceiling and walls to default color (usually white); due to the structural damages and patched-up other reinstatement works, you need to repaint the walls and ceiling in order to leave the space in an acceptable condition.